Friday, March 23, 2007


when you feel like all is lost and want to give up....

remember there's only ONE paper left! so just keep that midnight oil burning (like real) and continue mugging to become that Talent@Hwa Chong!!! XD

xiaoling scribbled on the class blog at 12:44 PM!

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Hello everyone. Trying to liven up the blog a little, with request from our blogging rep.

First things first, the 4 of you who havent paid 30 bucks for class fund, please bring on Monday! We still owe the photocopy shop 240 SGD.

Also, due to overbudgeting and high government expenditure (overspent approximately 63 dollars and 35 cents, up to 4 s.f.), our class is reaching the negative NI zone. Hence, we might need to increase investment expenditure soon. Just an early warning!

Okay, that's all. Very lively huh. Good luck and have fun for Physics!
With justice and equality,
Your class loanshark.
chew scribbled on the class blog at 10:08 PM!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Huang Cheng

hello people! just a reminder that we'll be meeting at cityhall mrt at 5.30pm this sunday for dinner first! the rest who aren't going for dinner meet direct outside vt at 7.15pm =) sooo see ya there!

all the best to the huangcheng people!! jiayouuu =D
xiaoling scribbled on the class blog at 3:39 PM!

Saturday, March 03, 2007


just smsed squid to discuss with her about booking the place for our STJ tomorrow and realised we haven't book the place yet!

then i went to the website of Miss Clarity Cafe that miss huang recommended and we were intending to go tomorrow. the website looks kind of girl material with the hot pink background, flowers and cartoons but these are beside the point...the most important thing is i realised (or xiaoling realised) that it is...


yea so...back up plan anyone?
yichun scribbled on the class blog at 7:55 PM!