Friday, December 07, 2007

Belle Memoire Prom 2007

hello! i am here to update the class blog again. was reading the early entries and realised that the class blog was so much more active last time. more people blogging and penning their thoughts regarding class activites or best still random funny jokes or ideas to keep the class entertained. i seriously hope everyone would not abandon the class blog now that we have graduated...because it is a place where we can still keep in touch! :)

feel that class participation has been diminishing nowadays but i wonder why. let's revive the fun old 65! :)

here are some pictures of the pretty babes and handsome hunks taken on hwachong's prom night (pardon if i appear in almost all the pictures because these are from my camera :P). enjoy and hope everyone had had a fun night!

yichun scribbled on the class blog at 12:24 PM!