Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cheers to the new 06s65 blog life!

Oh man, our blog has been dead for so loooooOooog. haha. can we revive it? i'll start the ball rolling k? :D

hmm...life has been boring for me. hehe... drag myself out of bed, eat, work n work n work, eat, watch tv, go online, sleep... it has been like that for almost 5 months le, including december. boring arh? haha. but it makes me yearn for outings on weekends more. yea.. one of which was the sentosa-turned-vivo outing. haha. hope there'll be another outing before uni starts and more pple will turn up. [:

talking about uni, i got the offer for nus electical eng and ntu EEE. what about u guys? keep updating everyone. ns life, working life, slacking life, ur plans, whatever~haha.

btw, i've been to the new treetop walk which stretches from kent ridge park to mount faber to telok blangah hill i think. it's quite interesting and there is this garden hub, Hortpark. that place is pretty, it's bright and green. i find that place awesome, esp for relaxing the mind. yup. thought u all might want to check it out when u r free.
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Friday, December 07, 2007

Belle Memoire Prom 2007

hello! i am here to update the class blog again. was reading the early entries and realised that the class blog was so much more active last time. more people blogging and penning their thoughts regarding class activites or best still random funny jokes or ideas to keep the class entertained. i seriously hope everyone would not abandon the class blog now that we have graduated...because it is a place where we can still keep in touch! :)

feel that class participation has been diminishing nowadays but i wonder why. let's revive the fun old 65! :)

here are some pictures of the pretty babes and handsome hunks taken on hwachong's prom night (pardon if i appear in almost all the pictures because these are from my camera :P). enjoy and hope everyone had had a fun night!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

christmas party

hi me and huiqing are organising a christmas party for the class since the class chalet is scrapped as many could not make it.
anyway tentatively it would be held at dorea's house condominum function room (for location CLICK HERE) or BBQ pit depending on what we could do... but the details are not finalised yet because we need your views!
maybe we could have some activities in the afternoon (like swimming, watch movie, tennis etc.) before BBQ or buffet dinner at night.
plus there would be games and gift exchange exercise and everyone would bring along a gift.
if BBQ it would be the usual fare... but buffet dinner would be something special. it would be more expensive but i think we can still handle the money since we need not pay for the chalet. hence, how about some really good food from jack's place? click HERE to look at their menu.
any views or opnions on this feel free to blog or tag! we need your views! thanks :)
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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Graduation Day

Here's the day where it's time to bid goodbye, and take a step back to reminisce about our days in Hwachong. 9th October marks the end of our two years in Hwachong....

Or so they all say! What nonsense. We'll still be coming back to school *nearly* everyday (for a short while more), and there's still A'levels! I don't believe in calling it the end, until we get back our A'level results.. then

65 + Hwachong ----> 'A' students
^H= - 652006 kJmol-1
(sorry for the lack of symbols)

Anyway!! Here's some of the photos taken when we hogged the centre of the stage, and were all movie stars facing thousands of flashing lightbulbs ;) Unfortunately, everyone was looking here, there, everywhere!

Calling for.... MR PANG! MR TEO! MR ONG!
Mrs Chua -- *cringes at our shouts*

the good-luck handshake!

Finally.. Presenting to you, 65!

jiayou mugging for a's everybody :)
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Friday, August 24, 2007

Last Day of Official Lessons...

hey guys! don't know if anyone of you still check this blog anymore but i thought it would be appropriate for me to post a blog entry to mark this days and of course to publish the photos that we have taken recently. :)





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Monday, July 23, 2007



In Hong Kong, back to SG in another half day or so...

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

i'm not dead yet!

hey people blog something!

anyway just a couple of pictures to revive this blog.
a rare picture for a very special occasion...


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