Friday, March 31, 2006

AJ times?!

haha. maybe i can start a AJ times too. LOL. nvm. since todae din go out meet guys, shall post some stuff bout my latest news in school.

Firstly, todae is 31st March, and we haf our I&E day (Innovation and Enterprise day, though it has nth to do wif innovation and entrprise). its juz a day of no lessons and filled wif activities set up by our teachers. And as u can guess, things by teachers are nvr that fun. well.. its juz loitering about, having activities and toks. i attended one on nanoscience, and tt speaker as doin demostatration involving the smashing of ice, which was freaking dangerous as i was sitting front seat. and mind u its ice BLOCK. one pure ice block, and one wif wet tissue paper frozen inside, and smashing it wif hammer was impossible. den went for one which played wif balloons. dey were bursting balloons using fire (including one balloon wif water inside -.-). overall was... so-so, super lag.

But well, the main thing was playing POLAR BEAR!! haha. its juz a lame but fun and interesting game simlilar to murderer where ppl get killed by a few polar bears and the survivors are suppose to guess who the polar bears are. but polar bear is definately more fun den murderer. tests ur acting skills. haha. shall teach u guys when we meet again. must haf more ppl plae more fun.

Well den.. tts all interesting in school for todae. still haven got any pictures wif my class. shall take some time. lol. sch food starting to taste slightly beta. i hope. and lessons and tutors are getting worse. i got 3 out of 5 teachers who are old.. which makes it rather terrible. econs tutor speaks.. ve...ry... and maths tutor will go huh okae alrite, and physics tutor is one who dun even us to read 'and' as 'or' or 'or' and 'and'. -.- and he got huge eye bags. super big tt his whole eye is almost black liao.

well well, will be expecting good time wif class bad times wif teachers le. haha. time to be pai kia liao. hehex.

tata. hope to c u guys soon. anyway. i got meet a senior every morn, damn i forgot her name. haha. so some times i might pass things to u guys thru her. =)
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NJC times, 31 MAR 2006

NJC times, 31 Mar 2006


Before take off...

Pilot: "Plane B504 to control tower, which lanes available for take off?? Hello?? Control tower?? Do you roger? huh?? Did i juz hear you say mi ni mo ni mi ni mo??"

Pilot:"Ok, fuel checked. Engines checked. Oxygen tank checked. Ok, preparing for take off... HEY WWAAIITT! Where on earth is the co-pilot??"

During flight...

Pilot to co-pilot:" Your first flight?? Hey COOL!! ME TOO!!"

Pilot:" Hey~ since when we installed fire boosters on our left wing?"

Pilot:" Didn't I tell you NEVER EVER TOUCH THAT RED BUTTON!!"

Pilot:" What do you mean you forgot to set the plane to auto-pilot?? AND YOU ACTUALLY DOZED OFF?!?!"

Before landing...

Pilot:" What do you mean we are in kuwait?!?! I said our destination is Singapore!!"

Pilot:" Plane B504 to control tower, preparing to land..." (Turns head to co-pilot) "Hey bro, which button for the landing wheels? H-U-H?! You don noe too?!?!"
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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

NJC Times, 28 Mar 2006

NJC times, 28 Mar 2006

OH MY!! Gabu!! You said all the things i want to say!! How could you?! Trying to snatch my job izzit?? BAD GABU BAD!! But nvm... your entries are highly elastic!! And of course, very easily affected by substitutes like NJC times!! MUAH HAHAHA!! And of course.. NJC times is HIGHLY INELASTIC... right?? (If i nv remember wrongly.. neccessities are highly inelastic :D ).

Anyway, yes, on today's archery... shooting a score of 27/30 for a beginner is GODLIKE rite?? Yes yes.. THATS ME !!! Thank you thank you! Ha! Trash you flat gabu! To think you play archery b4 with your family! BOOOOOO!!! LOSER!! Hmm, let me teach you guys a tactic to shoot accurately... yea.. i imagined Aik ling is the target and BINGO! I hit bull's eye!! COOL EH?? :D

Oh yea, the formula one talk was abit sian diao... Hmmm the guy giving the talk is suppose to be some big figure in the Jaguar Formula one racing department! Let me quote wat he said :" You can have a extremely powerful engine, good wings on your car.. but without good tyres, you cant get a grip on the road and basically your car cant do its best and of course you cant win the race." Oh man, i am wondering whether he watched "Initial D".. yea man, doing all kinds of piao1 yi2 (drifting) is call getting a grip on the road?? Another interesting fact from the talk: "There are times where the country's temperature goes up to 34 degress. The track will be around 40 degress due to radiation. And in the cockpit of the Formula one will be around 60 degress! The driver will lose about 2.5 kg after a race..." COOL EH? OH MY.. Imagine gabu doing THAT! He will freaking transform into a Liu xin in mere hours!! JOEL!! You have hope! Be a formula one racer! and you will be as shapely as any girl you can find!!
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Enrichment week.... blues

Heyz.. Just feeling veri bored. So.. i juz tell you all about our enrichment so far.
We have archery. Basically.. we got down yesterday to the grandstand and started practicing with veri basic bows. called pipe bows. Why are they called pipe- bow's? cause THEY are made of a short pipe + string. lol interestingz. We practice the stance for holding the bow and position. stone in a fixed position till our limbs started to smart like anithing. Drawing the bow is very painful if you cant hold it in position for long. everyone was trembling.

We then moved on to real bows. those recurved ones that are used for sports.
We learned how to fix a bow up and string it. Then we got to use arrows and shoot at targets. My archery sucks. Yida's was better. since he only have chess and has LOTs of time. i think he should join archery too.

well... to each his own. Anyway.. with archery lessons exhausted, all we have left are... dumb activitites such as talks on things and weird activities. Hope things get better. That talk on the engineering of formula one cars and how tough it is put me to sleep. luckily. the guy din bother since he was fascinated by the fact that tyres make the car move.. -.-"

My class now still quite dao. Everyone says this same thing,"There's somthing wrong with the class... but we don't know wad." if you asked me.. i think everyone's just lazy to participate and bond in outings. Muz cont seeing 1st. lol. On a brighter note, my ct is the choir teacher. hope that ups my chances a bit for going into choir. And my physics teacher, mr koh, is so sociable.. he spoke on "my life story" for 2 hours during physics pract. Not much homework. Mwahahah! Yida.. sad lah.
Wad's worse is that he continued after the lesson on " what i think abt oversea's life". Why? because my classmate 2pidly went to ask about studying in america.. causing him to go shooting off into another 20mins of " How america is better and yet not better than studying in singapore" .. and when he realized this 20 mins came from our lunch break he asked us," i'm sorry... do you have time?"... i mean OMG... WE ASKED YOu.... and now you turn tables and ask us if we can stay to listen to your rambling?!?! Too much of a good thing is not good. He wasted our time even though we din wan to waste time.. I mean..WHAT has american social issues have to do wif how good is an american university??

... on the bright side. at least i noe my teachers are cool. XD
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Monday, March 27, 2006

check out the ROCK CANNON

Ever heard cannon in D?? nice rite? the slow classical music. If u think that one is nice, wait till u see this. The ROCK CANNON. its cannon in d, rock version. Damn pro electric guitar player. i dare to bet that ur jaws will drop wide open upon hearing it. On ur speakers (warning: not too loud), and rock on to the music man!

1) go to following link
2) go to video and click on 'Rock Cannon'
3) close the internet explorer and watch your Window Media Player.
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NJC TIMES, 27 Mar 2006

NJC times, 27 Mar 2006

I AM BAK!!! Due to popular demand i shall write!! (omg so bu yao lian -_-). Hmm, may be i shld intro you my CT teacher, Mr Yong. This is when you get a canoe teacher-in-charge for civics and physics. God you guys are going to love him..esp. girls ;)

This is him up there... and he is in papers too!! (If you have read straits times and not NJC Anyway, his description in the papers was:

I am taking part in a ultra marathon, the Gobi march, in May and have been training for it since the beginning of the year. Training includes 24 hours of weekly low-intensity sports like joggin, conoeing and cycling to help build up my endurance levels. I also do simple training like running up and down the stairs, push-ups and squats whenever i can.

God!! Can you believe that guy?? He is a fanatic!! Look at the words i have bold. He call jogging as low-intensive!! And he does push-ups as a past-time!! WTF??!! I will freaking take my free time to play DOTA!! PUSH-UPS AND SQUATS?! Hell no man... And wat is not stated in the papers is that he runs the school's track every morning... (God noes how many rounds he run) and he is also caught jogging in the middle of the afternoon (like 12 p.m) with a sweater on... juz to get use to the temperature he is going to face in Gobi desert! Not only so, according to the people in the first 3 months, during their cross-country, my teacher ran the full course 4 times... FOUR TIMES!!! I am dying after one... OH MY! Can you believe that guy?! Imagine him being your civics tutor and physics teacher! HE IS THE MAN!!!

And he teaches like this: " Y so stupid?? i can finish that question in 1 step!", " ok class, finish the whole tutorial by wed k?" (Class groans; F.Y.I: lecture haven even teach and he is telling us to complete the toturial) "huh? y groan?? Very simple one! One question take about 5 minutes only..." (Class: "but mr yong, we haven learn!") "SO?! GO BAK AND LEARN YOURSELF LAH!! SO SIMPLE!! All self-study... ok class dismiss!!"

Great teacher huh? Man... he teaches THE MAN way... God, you shld have seen the canoe boys... i pity them. Imagine Mr yong saying to the canoe boys during training:" huh?! 30 rounds round the track only!! So simple! All follow me! AT MY PACE! YES! ALL COME!!"

Oh man, yeow lin.. you have a challenger to your six-packs :) god you shld have seen him when he wear his shirt.. all the muscles bulging out. oh man, you immediately noe he is one guy you shld not disturb... I can imagine Yi chun asking him: " Are you strict??" He will freaking receive a punch that will send him from NJ bak to HC!!

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Sunday, March 26, 2006


ok i'm up to my neck with project work, not in the LEAST because of all the acronyms i see in the question paper (or shld i say, QP?)

first pw lesson and first lecture... i stare in shock as the lecturers throw acronyms all around LT4 with such abandon. someone tell me what the hell is wrong wif saying 'question paper' or 'evaluation of materials'? QP really takes the cake. nvr heard one like that before... so u can imagine... exam hall situation

teacher: " time's up. please remain silent while i collect the AS (answer scripts). leave your QP on the table. PD!!!! (pen's down)"

and this not only applies to pw. HELLO TEENAGERS IT IS SO NOT COOL TO USE ACRONYMS EVERYWHERE U GO. 1st wk of sch: ppl stared at me in shock at my confusion at 'kap'. (issit some fish or what) coz the last time i checked, the sign said king albert park, yeah? and wow i heard BTM for the first time in my life on friday. r we trying too hard to be cool? lol it can be really funny but seriously, we go to j8 for a snack in bk, and then go home to do PI for PW, not forgetting the GPP, the EoM, the WR and the OP.

the worse has got to be last year, where my class chairperson screamed for us to hand in our testis.... like it;s so hard to say TESTIMONIAL... trust me it really happened. u shld have seen my jaw drop.

anyway, no more jaw dropping acronyms and useless abbreviations, i hope. just concentrate on the egg drop. thus far... jiangchuan (JENNY!!!), me, yi chun and huiqing have broken a grand total of 5 eggs. maybe more. we owe yichun mom big time man
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hello everyone!

i redid the class banner animation at the top of the blog, however the file was abit too big and photobucket will automatically resize anything that is too big to a smaller picture so that the file size is smaller.

however it is too small, and i had to resize it ("stretch") it bigger using html, which explains the MYSTERIOUS blurring effect as observed LOL.

anyone can help me to upload the file to a server so that the original file size and the original high quality picture can be seen please tell me! i would send you the file to help me upload!

thanks a million!
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A small token of appreciation

Tis gonna be juz some replies to the notes u guys gaf me. a bit late la.. but nvm.. i figured i will feel beta juz replying to some notes. Eh.. i wun be saying to everyone la. so those missed out hope u guys dun mind.

Yuani: heyx.. glad to be able to teach ya pool. haha. now tt u become so pro liao. next time can ask u out to plae le. haha. =)

Michelle: my fellow bukit timah inhabitor, my evil royal heenee, malady. dun worri la. u wun lose a mahjong kahkee de. anytime got plae juz call me. i will pia down to ur hse. =D i believe the class will be going dere quite often. haha and so paiseh to pang seh u on our physics project. haha. but i can still provide help kz. juz look for me.

Ming Ming: hey heyx. im a crap person too mah. so not bothered by ur crapiness. haha. its a good thing lor. bringing fun to the class. im glad u managed to make it back to HCI. the class nids ya more. so must 加油 and lead the class to more wins!!

Yichun: i haf to admit. i wasnt looking forward to being in same class as u. haha. budden. i guess it wasnt so bad after all. u helped me and jupiter became good frens, or more den that (coz we share common interest: like to beat yichun up) haha but okae la. u are also the joy bringer of the class. but do try to be more mature la. haha. and hope to see u during band events, my fellow bandsmen.

Dorea: hmmm. danno how to say for urs. haha.. i feel good teaching u bad. wahaha. u r a great fren man! thx for it. =) and my pool partner too. haha. must continue practicing k and be better den yuani. haha. den we must find time go out plae often. dun forget hor.

BaoJun: aiya! so wasted we cant be in same class again. 没想到我那么准, u realli got into S65. u are such a lucky gal sia. haha. must enjoy ur time wif the class hor. we are still classmates in the heart. haha. coz im 4eva wif S65 de.

AikLing: hey. haha. thanks for the reminder. i wil try to change de. and do let me noe when i commit it again. and thx for teaching me bowling. haha. and work hard to win me in pool hor, though ur standard around mine too. haha. but i will be training to improve. so dun lose out. haha. anyway. got time must go plae together regularly k.

Jupiter: Brother! haha. u noe. i find u a damn cool dude. got that pai kia look, but den u dun realli act like one, and is a damn loyal fren. great to be part of the brotherhood. haha. next time ur turn to tackle me into the water le, rugger.. haha. den i can call u bastard too. hahahaha. take care kz. oh yar. and i remembered, i haven got my rematch yet. the first guy in class to win me in pool. haha. i must get my rematch kz!

Yida: yo. miss ur S65 times in the blog le lehz. haha or maybe not S65 la. but continue posting lehz. haha. my great fren and brother too. i admire ur intelligence in chess. haha 佩服佩服。and ur ability to handle stuff and get it completed. and maths too! haha. i will nvr forget ur maths notes. haha. frens 4eva kz! =) u are a zai kia!

Gabu: hey.. must learn to be more optimistic k. the world sucks, but everything good if u look at the correct side of it. 要转个弯, 伤心就是快乐了。 must take care in NJC hor. and all the best in getting fit. we must jia you together. coz i also will be training to get fit. haha

Well.. tts about all. to all others who i din reply: thx for all ur well wishes. special thxs to those who wrote it in blue and black. haha. and those who rmb me under the physics lab bench. LOL. DO try this during physics lab lessson. hahhaha. Take care guys! and enjoy and treasure the time as part of S65. the greatest class in HCI! haha.

Okae, now to 顺便 make some announcement. haha.
June 3rd: Sentosa Balloon Hat Festival. its a sat. we can go down to sentosa to enjoy the fun if u guys want. got band performing. yar. haha

June 11th: tis one u guys must come k. haha. its my performance in the Esplanade. free 1 hr performance in the concert hall. it starts at 3 or 4 if i not wrong. on the sun. got familiar songs like Incredibles, Sky High, Jupiter Fantasy etc etc. and got a damn pro drummer and saxo soloist. haha. must come gimme support k =)
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Saturday, March 25, 2006


when you can squash three other people...

flat like a roti-prata!

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OMG.. you guys are too sweet.. sobs XDDD

I really wish everyone all the best for everything.. spread sum b dae luck around! since this is the 1st year ppl actually SPECIALLY celebrate b dae for mi in school.. and it's not even their sch!.... i'll juz remember the main gate as where hci 06s65 gave mi my best b dae party. its more IMPORTANT than all the toys i got since pri sch. seriously.

Honestly? i knew you all were coming. Aik ling told me by accident. But i HAD NO IDEA... you'd walk to the deserted MAIN GATe... and AMBUSH ME.... so Stunn lah... damn happy. damn touched... DAMMIT!!! lol Shocked like dunno wad.

Eh... i look damn ugly in njc uniform and with my face red and with my whole body looking like a wrech after pe... More spastic pics.. with my spastic grin...cannot lah..

resolution no. 1... get fit. lol.

LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! muacks*!!! ( yeuch* >.<)

You guys are t3h coolest cool cool ppl i noe in the whole WIDE world!

but, i guess you guys already noe that. =D
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Happy 17th Birthday Gabriel!!

Here's some photos commemorating the specialspecial day ^^

preparing the cake!

our birthday boy finally gets escorted out by yida!

*puff* make a wish...

presenting to you... gabriel!

let's hear it once more for our birthday boy!



may ALL your wishes come true! (:

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Friday, March 24, 2006

s65 day #11

Nowadays, GP lesson is really more of an entertainment than education, with yichun and ms yeo on the go and occasional remarks by LiuX. qoute: i've seen grown man speaking body as 'bedy' .But i'm certainly not complaining!! With all those LABORIOUS phy tasks (yichun's fav. vocab) and incomprehensible sequences, we do deserve a break. anw, 3 cheers for ms yeo! for changing our class room from a STUFFY, AIR-CONLESS, SAUNA-LIKE classroom to a fully air-conditioned room. Just imainge: it's 2pm on a hot and humid aftn, and u jus had lunch, plus staying up the prev night. wow. a nap is sooo inviting.

anw, happy 17th bdae to gabriel! hope u like the cake, or rather, the slice of cake. well, the point is, you have lots of friends to celebrate with! Digress a bit. This is my first time walking to NJ by cutting thru RGPS and what a LONG walk it is. i previously thought tt the ny main gate is far enough from the side gate but NO! it's well hidden behind the grey walls. back to we were a bunch of rocks walking thru RGPS, with the security guard shooting stares at us. aiya. but who cares.

to all grps doing phy egg proj, for your own (and the egg's safety), pls handle egg with care. here are some scenarios in which accidents, i mean pure accidents, can happen:

#1: merely holding the egg facing down, about an inch above the ground. result: slight crack

#2: tapping an egg on the ground lightly, however light.
result: slight crack

#3: if you have an egg container(smth like a little basket) in the structure, tilting it over with the egg inside is not a good idea.
result: medium crack

#4: dropping the egg on the ground while walking.
result: big crack

#5: egg jus happen to roll down from egg holder ( is tt wat it is called??) on the door of the fridge upon banging of fridge door.
result: big crack

all of the above are not by pure imaingination, but based on past experiences. protect your egg now.
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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Spread my s65 shine!

Hey hey. guys. i got nothing to do so i am blogging. i got no choir, no guitar. if you are wondering why, then it's cuz i can't decide between the 2. i am taking mich's letter of playing a song seriously.. so, but ccas are a bit hard to join for 2nd intake. MUZ try harder and look for the impt ppl in these ccas. i will go for choir audition too. Even though the conductor doesn't want mi in hc choir, i'll try to go to her nj choir instead! cuz i cant blame the hci choir, i screwed up audition no. 1. show that i really HAVE passion. Hope nature's new course to come wun be too hard to follow.

My class 06s13.. is a class that has cool people. and some not so cool people. not very bonded. to the EXTENT that they themselves( 1st intake) want to leave the class for another. Too mani clicks... and ppl actually ignore callings for class outings in the 1st 3 months. too little ppl quite sad rite. muz try to preach the mad ways of s65 to them. Oso muz try to be more outspoken... now in JC cannot ignore the girls in class juz cuz i am shy.

My teachers are ALL roxxors. at least i think they are better than hci teachers. more sociable.

one of my new classmates actually noes s65. i think it's the work of the rv ppl. and she labelled us as veri fun class! i think it's cool i can see a connection back to s65. it puts a smile on my face. Only regret is Fridays cannot go back for "s65 day" for lunch. regret cannot go back to cope newsweek, copy notes... and etc. Glad to sae i made a new SJI fren!.. used to have bad impression of them as snobbish ppl cuz my cousin was one. he doesn't turn out for family outings. enuf abt family.... YOU GUYS OWE $$$. 50 bucks. i suggested a bbq and the suggestion was accepted( much to my surprise) so.. dun sae it's my problem. junjie... dun slack liaoz. WoW is not was important as meh munny.

Eh.. juz wan to agree wif song bo. s65 bond SI Be* tight. my class no bonding( see above). our class Speed in cre8ing class spirit is ALMOST unnatural compared to classes in the other schs. i think if i go njc 1st 3 months i oso wun miss my class like i miss s65. i noe why. besides orientation( all the banner painting, cheering, rehearsin, late nite chioning) our ppl are ji cool yi xia! no one is really irksome? Everyone leaves me a good impression. includin Lx, even though he quite sadist. then again.. i am too. we watch happy tree frens Leh. hu are we to judge him?

Eh.. i wan to do my own blog. but no idea how. Who can give help and is free pls contact me. i dun believe this class blog came from heaven. yichun got tips pls tell mi. i dun understand html programming!

( should insert new class' pic here to show off... but,,, i dun think they have ani yet.. or there'd be a blog or a photobucket acct)

Till next week when my lessons end earlier than usual then. ( y is it NOT friday when my lessons end early... 2pid timetable commitee.)

s65- two thumbs up[XD] + spastic grin(-.-") + contagious laughter(?)... LOLOLOL..lame.
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Wed Schkul

Hmmm.. juz like to share a bit bout my school. haha. and my class. Well.. todae the 22/3 . i finali got to see my entire class together. Well.. can say that dey are not bad. most gals r veh nice and enthu. though got one me and my fren find rather.. bitchy i sae. haha. but nvm.. wun ignore her. or at least try not to. And i learned todae why HCI rocks and S65 rocks big time. Coz we are like the onli school who enjoyed orientation in our classes. AJC students din get to noe their classes until end of 2nd week of term 1. so dey had entire orientation wif their OGs. Lucky us got to spend our orientation together and its no wonder we built such great bonds. SO U GUYS MUST EMBRACE THIS WONDERFUL FATE TOGETHER! haha (so crap, but its true la. i mean my capital words)

Oh yes.. and one more thing... u guys haf such laggy and shuang PE!! wan to noe wads ours? training for NAPFA. and guys.. its the army style kind i can say. The school preparing us for NS too. so its like.. "i give u 10 seconds to form a circle around me. 10! 9! 8! 7! ... 1! -1! -2!..." and dere we go running laps again. 2 rounds for warm up. den stretching.. den another 4 rounds. did a 2.4km todae le lor. but its slow jog la... i haf to sae tis will be the slackest we will get.. i fear my future PE lessons. Wun be having games until after common test i guess.. sian sia.

YES! and 1 more damn scary stuff happened during PE. teacher toking toking half way thru. den dere was tis loud screeeechh, AH!, BANG! BOOM!. a car accident happened. AND I SAW THE CAR FLIP -.- if i was not wrong. it went from the middle of the 3 lane cross-road to a sidewalk. and it did a barrel roll. at least 2 rounds. coz i realli saw the car flip and flew. it was the OMG! THE CAR FLIPPED! i wonder how's the driver.. dere was fire truck, the red rhino (fire station one if u dun noe), ambulance, police.. yar.. the car was on its side at the side.. well.. cannot be pl push dere the ma. so must be flew dere lor.. scary sia...

K ba. tts about all interesting for todae. Lessons was not nice at all. i fear for my chem and econs now. i got a damn old teacher for econs who speak so monotonely tt no body noes wad he saying. den my chem lecturer.. cant even find the 3-pin plug on the wall, and is super helpless when there is a technical fault, who stumbles on his words, and haf to tink to explain some simple stuff etc. die liao lor. AND MY maths teacher! another old old one who will go "blahh blaah blahh yar, and blahh blaah blaah yar.." she keep yar'ing la.. like RV maths teacher Mr Ang "alright" (RV ppl u shld noe. does who danno go ask the rv ppl). gone liao.. now i wonder hows my physics teacher.. praying he can do beta..

K.. tts about all. Will share when i get more interesting stuff in school. Take care guys!
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Monday, March 20, 2006

Laggy bbq entry on disappointing bbq.


wazzupz. SO mani things i wish i could tell the world. so mani things i cant say for fear of offending ppl. SO mani things i can sae cuz i not really in the class animore.

basically typing a bit late cuz i din have a bit of mood 2 days ago for it. once again... PMS. dunno why i get such things sumtimes. maybe it's cuz of the fact that i take more than 5 mins to upload ONE pic. juz ended up sulking infront of the comp over the dumbest feelings. Couldn't upload the pics so this post is gonna be a stupendously long one.

Eh. wad is this. class outing no one go. All home work lag ar. cannot make it lah. and i actually spent thursday friday and saturday morning contemplating if we have enuf for at least 20 plus ppl. we over bought things. busted a few walets. worse than the sleepover.. shakzs head*X100. and yes, my house is frickin' deserted. People complain here and there on how hot it is. and i find myself feeling guilty. for?? making the weather hot and for not choosing a better house in primary one. (WOW!) gawd noes y. yichun asked mi " are you pissed like.... 10 times? that day?" lame question to ask. of coz i wun tell you that i am pissed if you asked mi directly. i was pissed at not being a more entertaining host and the fact that veri little ppl turned up.

For people who saw me looking pissed. and think that my parents are unhappy about the bbq then relax. We are your friends! Did anione spread news about my parents being a BIT strict, strict. my parents tot everyone was a bit cold....heh.

we have no evidence of further sianess in the pics. otherwise it would express how pissed i was getting. should have taken a pic of our slow games carnival. ppl were holding cups while playing games.. pr0 lor.

aniway enuf complaining. good pts of the thing. everyone LOOked content. SmileS a plenty.

thaT's all i can sae. din really have time to socialise. was running back and forth from home to bbqpit.. for.. umbrella, soap, chocolate, chips, drinks, butter, lighter, canvas, almost fainted. even if i wanted to talk i kinda felt outta my league or outta place. wish you all din have to tok abt things in hci. leaves mi hanging in la-la land on my own ya noe. Bushed, tired sianed. Even worse was the dying fire. being unequipped for the essentials, we had to borrow 2 fans, half a box of firestarters to start a decent fire. you can compare the pit next to ours' fire and our fire. BIG diff.

left wif 7 people. eating for their lives to help finish food. CMI. once again. Still at least 6 ppl were enjoying the chat abt hci council election videos... better than nothing.

i read the letters. thankz a bunch. Replys to some of them: I am a pessimist. I cant change that. it's better to hurt. than to get hit full force by sumthing and have dreams crushed to a zillion shards. i am not good at guitar. ban1 men2 nong4 fu3. will try to play a song for the class though.

If you think i am sian because i still sulking abt the njc transfer. then you are wrong. i can erase the pain by playing role playing games on the ps2. a game world is juz like to real one. only you nvr get emotionally hurt in the game world. its a sanctuary. it helps mi to forget a grp known as s65 exists. it helps mi forget my mom exists too( thank god) .

I am sian because my face is naturally that sian. i nvr dare to smile too much. too spastic looking. at most a small one. i oni grin when i am too high to think properly. the pictures normally end up... well spastic. basically.

big thanks to the ppl who help start the fire, help cook the food, clean up the bbq pit. a tear of joy for the people who smiled that day. wished i could redo the thing again for a better one. but i guess the next big thing's probably gonna be... a 3 day chalet in month no. 6?

enough talk. pics of t3h day

" I want a holy piece of the sacred bottle to cut my wrist ceremonially too!"

drinking blood from wrists. nah j/k. grape juice.which din taste like it

see jupiter acting ghost?.....

well... hes not acting. where is he aniway. proof of ethereal disappearance

cool ember lightning streaks. testament to t3h yeowlin and t3h jup's prowess at fanning embers into the air. the fire is nice and hot.

trying to kiap yichun's head. SUCCESS in clamping down. proof on the left. michelle is kiap-ping air. hint. yichun's head is ful of ???

this was taken as a sign of happiness over victory in cre8tin fire...

….. may be not
...i feel guilty for taking this.

I have always embraced the rain. But the thunderstorm’s juz too much. So wad if I click wif you. I am nvr as hardworking. That’s where we are different.

Malrhis: till nxt time when i flood the blog wif sadness.
Gabriel scribbled on the class blog at 10:34 PM!

0h 6ix aSs 6ix 5ive!

Somehow I double posted... this post was an exact copy of the one above.

Yichun, delete this post for me plz. Tks.
liuX scribbled on the class blog at 9:48 PM!

0h 6ix aSs 6ix 5ive!

I just received confirmation from Gabriel about the grape juice as shown below in the pictures. It is as I feared, its the GRAPE JUICE OF DOOM!!!!

Seriously, that brand of grape juice is dangerous...

My father received a bottle of that for xmas last year. And it FRIGGING BLEW UP!

Blew up, as in kaboom!!

After receiving the bottle, my family didn’t even open it. Leaving it on the dinning table, we went to bed. During the night, my dad heard the sound of shattering glass and went out to investigate, thinking that somehow the glasses or something had fallen off the table and shattered. He found half the glass bottle of the juice on the table, and shattered glass all over the floor. The juice was splatter all over the walls and floor...

Took a lot of effort next morn to clean up, and my father actually wrote a letter of complain to the seller of the juice, attached with a photo of the carnage. (don’t ask me why the hell he did what he did)

They sent to him another 6 bottles of the juice free the day after and wrote a letter of apology. The manager was very concerned whether anyone was injured. Seems that they would have too pay big if someone had been hurt lol.
liuX scribbled on the class blog at 9:48 PM!

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Hoot. after 3 long months, i am finally able to blog in this class blog. had to heck into my fren's account juz to receive the invitation email. LOL. hope he doesnt find out. wahahah. anyway. its great now that i can blog. Will be ablet to keep u guys updated about wad's going on in AJC. haha. and my new life in that school. Expect a long post of thank list by me soon.. coz i too lazy to type it now. lol.


yep. so anyway. the thank list will be replies to some of ur notes la. so do read up. haha.

K. juz to make u guys jealous a bit, and noe bout my mon AJC scheduel. I onli haf H1 chem, project work and H2 maths (i tink) lectures on mon. yep.. so ending schol at an amazing time of 11.45 ! but i can onli leave school at12.15 la.. so will be lagging in school till release time. hopefully no CCA though. but danno anything about my CCA yet. yep. so will let u guys noe which CCA i will be joining. haha. and will be looking for a suitable day to go back visit u guys.

Anyway. U all having tests rite. ALL THE BEST KZ! jia youx and work hard. haha. take care guys!!
SongBo scribbled on the class blog at 6:06 PM!

Outing at Gabriel's House!

Mingming: Meet at 12pm!!

At 12pm i arrive.. and see Mingming, Jinjuan and Baojun! Wow! Not long after, Jinjuan receives a call from her mom and has to go home... Shortly after, Yichun arrives. After that, lost count, but like we waited and waited and waited and a few more people drifted in.. Finally, everyone (which is NOT a lot) came, and Gabriel brought us to his house!

When we got off the bus, we jay-walked TWICE. Photos of evidence with Mingming.. who nearly got knocked down by a car because she was too enthu taking our pics lol. And Gosh! No kidding about Cactus Drive!! It's in the end of isolated, deserted, and not to mention BAKING HOT place. And it doesn't help that Gabriel's house is located riiiight at the other end of the estate too! Walk walk walk.. and we recharge ourselves with.. BEE HOON from the market lady. lol! It's not bad actually ^^ Later we went to play basketball, soccer and badminton in the condo's 3-in-1 caged up court! Then Joel and Yichun went crazy and decided to take off their shoes and run around the scorching multi-purpose court... and Yichun's foot cramped later.. lol..

The BBQ started around 5+ when Yuani and Michelle arrived, and guess what?? There were 9 people staying.. aaand.. food for 20+ pple! Which included 100 satays.. woooaahh. Desperate times calls for desperate measures and we tried to get pple to come.. but too late! And it gets better!! In the middle of this crisis.. Yichun discovers a SHUTTLECOCK IN HIS POCKET! omg! How did it get there? Did the ghost of badminton put it there? Beware Yichun XDDD You haven't done anything to appease the ghost yet right.... Don't be surprised if you start seeing feathers flying around your room one night............

Anyway here are some photos i took!

It was such a pretty day :)

popping the champagne!!

woo! where is yichun pointing to?? and i think yuani is looking at the wrong direction..

yaaaaam SENG! bleh~ tasted like sour ribena

We pause to bring you an advertisement for BEEHOON

we are so well-prepared for the rain with that holey canvas! (:

The next door's BIG campfire..

Our sad.. almost non-existent fire..

SUCCESS! Our fire became soo nice! Credits to Jupiter and Yeowlin!

ALright! That's all folks! Me signing off...

xiaoling scribbled on the class blog at 11:23 AM!

Friday, March 17, 2006

smth random

The class was very noisy just now because there wasn't any teacher, but now everyone suddenly turned quiet. That is because the fiercest teacher in the school had entered the class. Her face is as fierce as a lion which will bite anyone's head off if offended... And if you wanna know more.... follow the lesson.
Students: Good morning, teacher.
Teacher : (shouting) Why is it only good morning? What about afternoon and night?
Students: Good morning, afternoon and night teacher!
Teacher : That is unacceptable! It is too long. Just wish me best regards for my whole day! That is much better as it is easier and full of meaning. And that greeting can also be > >>> used for > all times.
Students: Best regards teacher!
Teacher : That's better, sit down! Listen today I,m going to test you all on words that have the opposite meaning. When I say a sentence or word, all of you must answer quickly the opposite meaning to the words, understand?
Students: Understood teacher!
Teacher : I do not want any disturbance!
Students: (silence)
Teacher : Clever!
Students: Stupid!
Teacher : High!
Students: Low!
Teacher : Popular!
Students: Calafare!
Teacher : Wrong!
Students: Correct!
Teacher : Stupid!
Students: Clever!
Teacher : No!
Students: Yes!
Teacher : Oh God!
Students: Oh Slave!
Teacher : Listen to this!
Students: Listen to that!
Teacher : Quiet!
Students: Noisy!
Teacher : That's not a question, stupid!
Students: This is an answer, clever!
Teacher : I'm dead!
Students: We're alive!
Teacher : I'm lazy to teach!
Students: We are hardworking to learn!
Teacher : Enough! Enough!
Students: More! More!
Teacher : Stop! Stop!
Students: Start! Start!
Teacher : Why are you people so stupid?!
Students: Because I am someone clever!
Teacher : Lack manners!
Students: Taught enough!
Teacher : O.K. Lesson has ended!
Students: K.O. Lesson has not started!
Teacher : Enough, stupid!
Students: Not yet, clever!
Teacher : Stand up!
Students: Sit down!
Teacher : I said CALAFARE was wrong!
Students: We said POPULAR was correct!
Teacher : You people are dumb!
Students: We are gifted!
Teacher : All of you must stay back this afternoon!
Students: Released tonight!
Teacher : (Keep quiet, gather her books and went out)

lol this thing is actually quite dumb.. nvm but post here for entertainment =D hehe
dorea scribbled on the class blog at 9:41 PM!

Thursday, March 16, 2006


YEA!!!! Class outing this coming Saturday to Gabu's house... weeeee....

Gabriel has kindly helped us booked a BBQ pit, bball court, street soccer court, tennis court and a multi purpose room!!

Remember to meet at Yio Chu Kang MRT control station kaez... then bring along any play cards, soccer ball, bball and tennis racket if you have them..

When I told yichun about our class outing... he said, " Oh man... sounds like S65 sports carnival"


Ming² scribbled on the class blog at 12:58 AM!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


yes! i've finally caught up with my sleep from the sleep over...effectively..i think i slept for at most 1 hr..quite cool...there was actually 11 ppl there..think tts quite a good no.
anyway..thanks to mahjong( which i effectively only won ONE game), i went for training (thank goodness it's SELF-training) the next morning half when i was stretching i was almost gonna fall down n sleep ...good thing i didn't get hit by any balls..though i almost did..someone called out my name then i ducked it!..
anyway..the result in the end..i fell asleep at coro..on some staircase while the other softballers were talking..

as for huang cheng..i couldn't understand the 3rd one either..though i felt that overall it was the best one..basically..i was just freezing in there...

perhapes we'll have another class outing this that they can all come along too and we can all have fun...perhapes gab's hse since he's suggesting??ok..we shall all see how again..
for now..i'm feeling quite sleepy again..
Yen scribbled on the class blog at 11:56 AM!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Sleepover. Like.. Really.. SLEEP.

Lol. i juz wanna comment on the sleep over.

EH! i was half expecting this extremely fun day. Well it did start out as fun aniway. The very fact i met s65 was seriously enuf fun to last mi the week( can't stress enuf of how much i miss the class bench and our teachers) it got more fun when we watch huang cheng. then after the 3rd show.. sumhow.. not that fun lol. i din understand a thing abt the 3rd show till yida explained it to me. Then it got REALLy depressing that besides not understanding, they sang " hua chu de ge". heartache*. Aniway later wen to squeeze to look for the 2 stars. sqeeze for a veri long time ten sae they are outside. (sian)...

the two of them were like..." Yida! gabriel!".. like trying to be veri warm liddat. summore got a gift to keep as souvenir. I tot it was the wrong approach though. i rather not be reminded i was out of s65. still, thx to the 2 of them. (sidenote... the make up and painting... is a serious nitemare. worse than than the shutter's ghost)

worse was yet to come! Yida: "gabriel... tomorrow we have chem prac make up at 10 am" cannot stay till late late. sian... that tot bugged mi for the rest of the nite.
supper was NICE. i got a pic here. no one had camera. so i use handphone. paiseh if pics too t3h unclear

SUPPER at lau pa sat.. everyone was like" I WAN DRINKS!" result of eating chilli stingray and kang kong.

i had fish soup.. stingy as usual LOLX. the food was seriously veri ex. Song hua was forking quite a lot out. his pocket got hole liaoz i think.

Aniway after that experience... we realize got no bus le. bo bian take taxi. more $$$ lost. pain......

When we finaly arrived there.. everyone was stoning. maybe all bushed out le. i juz loitered around, and stoned too! ( wow). Then we watched soccer. Liverpool vs arsenal : 1-2 Song hua, yida and jupiter were really getting into it. i was sian 1/2 thru out the thing.

the 2 stars came, and there was ruckuss on sum maniacal cab driver hu sent them half way across singapore( exaggerated) b4 finally dropping them not nearby, but quite far from mich's house. they said they were tailed by the taxi. the taxi company should review the mental status of their late nite drivers. jin juan looked betterwith out geen and black enhancing her.... avatar(?). ming2 looked like she had been boxed in both eyes. scary the way sumthings cling to you eh? memories to yr heart, and make-up to your eyes... lol.

We had more ruckuss on what to watch. We decided on Shutter. the show fricked mi out. a lot. it din help that i was having sum difficulty taking in deep breaths due to various reasons. actually i wasn't as freaked out as i tot i was. if i can play around wif rotting undead monstrosities in games, then a heartbroken girl ain't that scary. that helped alot. plus the fact that i couldn't see anithing clearly. we tried watching the gigolo show. i watched b4. it was illogial and lame from the start. so we dumped the idea. Time... around 4 am

After that i dunno y, everyone peng. maybe too tired.. too tired go home sleep lah.. sleep in a frozen tv room for wad. couldn;t take it after a while and i left to sleep on the couch outside. no games no nothing. disappointed. there was mahjong. but mahjong was for 4 ppl. and i din noe how to play. need sumone to coach me. Time while loitering aroung mahjong table : 5am

Pengz at the couch ouside. tv room ji cold. left at 7:07 am wif yida for the NJC practical. felt quite cheated of wad i tot would be a more hyper dae. Still l, got to be wif the ppl i cherish! Big thankx to michelle the host hu actually boiled water for me to ease the difficulty in breathing. y she din have warm water in the 1st place beats me =D. y she wasn't engrossed in Shutter beats me too.

In case you were wondering. NJC's prac was like VA 1. sian 1/2 AGAIN. the uniform was absorbing heat, and i was raining sweat. -.-"

I wan another s65 event. how about bbq at my place? the swimming pool is out of bounds. Renovations, so no need to worry about the pressure of acting "frog"(swimming lah. lame)
Gabriel scribbled on the class blog at 8:15 PM!

Sleepover, without the sleeping

If you understand the whole Huang Cheng, please do not talk to me. Probably the only story I got was the second one, which was the easiest of the three. Anyways, it was a nice preformance, I guess. Nice to see Ming2 and Jin Juan performing there. Ming2 did really well, IMO. The introduction to the last play was pretty scary though.

Anyways, after Huang Cheng a bunch of us went for sleepover at Mich's house. Had supper before that, which costed a bomb. Stupid taxi driver didn't allow us to squeeze 5 people in the taxi. I mean, 3 girls, plus Yichun and me, plus the fact that it's freaking 1 am in the morning. No sane police will have so much time to stare into the taxi and say, "Hey, there are 5 small kids in that taxi, let's go fine the stupid driver."

The sleepover was pretty cool. We didn't actually sleep, which means technically, it's not a sleepover. But who cares. We were practically gorging ourselves there. Brownies and ice cream and more brownies and ice cream. Not to mention the booze, which tasted more like Fanta. Shitty stuff. And FYI, watching shutter at 3 am is not a good idea. Especially if you're a girl, and you're sitting beside a guy called Jupiter. Seriously, prepare for the worst. Afer the movie, some went into a hypnotic trance, that is Mahjong. Not my stuff. I chose to further gorge myself with more brownies and ice cream instead. And I realised I have really good career prospect as a waiter. Serious.

And just when you think I've eaten enough, we went for breakfast at McD's. Ate hotcakes plus sausage and a Sausage McMuffin with Egg. Yeah, I'm a pig. And so is Yeow Lin.

p.s: Nice post, Bao Jun. Keep it up.
retipuj scribbled on the class blog at 7:42 PM!


hmmm...i've been with the class for more than 2 days already!! so perhaps i should share my impression of 06s65...

on the first few days of so-called 'orientation', i've been thinking of my previous class in njc..and kind of regretted choosing hc. With only 62 second-intakers, 4ogs with one ogl each, the boring talks everyday and only half-a-day of games...i mean everyone would miss their previous jc. but the thing we r most afraid of is whether we will be ostracised by our new classes. however, i keep having the intuition that hc pple r very nice (is it true? hehe :D). it is that which made me look forward to wed, the day which we will noe our classes.

wow..i'm so fortunate!!!! really....i really feel that i'm very lucky to be in 06s65. after i've checked my ct classroom, my friend, kimmin, who told me that it's yeow lin's class, the very very fun class. after hearing that, i was sooo excited that i just headed toward the 'lt block' without noeing how to get to b302.hehe. (that's y i was quite late that day :P)

when i entered the class, everyone clapped for me.. i felt like a queen..hahax. i was very touched and i felt that i have made the rite choice in choosing hc. my first impression of the class is: omg, this is really a super fun class, there's ming ming and yichun..erm..think it's quite enough to noe what the class will be like, u noe..haha. erm....seriously, i only knew the class is s65 when we were taught the funky class songhua was telling me sometime ago that i may get into his class since i'm taking pcme and..BINGO! i think we were both stunned lah, of all pcme classes in hc, i got into's quite mysterical.

anywae, my impression of s65 is that everyone is very friendly the class is bonded together, treasures the friendship they have...i can really see that s65 miss the four guys who left - yida, gabriel, song hua and jin kiat, from the way they kept mentioning their names in their conversations and them looking forward to huang cheng where they can meet them. although i dun noe three of them, i feel really sad that 4 of them have to leave. but they will always be part of s65 rite? do come back anytime and muz go for class outings k?

okie..think i've written quite enough already. i have to catch up with my studies during this hols with the many make-up lessons..*sobx* ): cya peeps soon!! bye!! oh yar..i really appreciate blogging in this cool 06s65 blog. thanx!
bj =) scribbled on the class blog at 2:09 PM!


yesterdays huangcheng performance was nice, gd job jinjuain and mingming! =D

but the bad thing is... i cant exactly fivuge out whats going on (like the way i can when watching tv shows haha). cant make any head or tail out of it! haha but thats maybe cuz its not an animal.

but it was impressive!! aha i like the stone wall and the chess set flooring. so cool! haha and the lighting. woaoh mingming looked very tan suddenly in make up, compared to her usual very white skin.

didnt go for supper at laupasat, nor the sleep over.

oh! but before that there was dinner, and before that i went with xiaoling to go and buy hp pouch and screen protector. we wanted to go to suntec to look for it. however the whole city hall mrt and citylink mall and suntec was jammed with a MASSIVE crowd lol. somehow everyone caught onto hc's orientation theme... haha! so we like got caught in the stupid jam apparently caused by some IT exhibition.. so many ppl la!! haha but im amused with the fact that ppl actually divide into lanes, to move in a direction, like a road like that. when its not so crowded ppl just walk anywhere they want. haha! so cool.. =D

hahah so in the end, i didnt manage to get my screen protector but only the pouch. ahhh! someone pls tell me where to get a screen protector from. today i just tore the cover off cuz it was so bubbly. and inside there was like OIL! ha, dunno why.. so weird one. lol..

okok i tink i wrote a lot of crap and nonsense. byebye! hahah..
dorea scribbled on the class blog at 1:48 PM!

blogging from michelle's house

time check: 5.05 AM.

haha here i am blogging while songhua, michelle, yuani and aikling are busy playing mahjong behind me. aikling just exclaimed "MY GOD!", bet she won or something.

the rest were sleeping in the TV room. i was previously playing neopets after stopping playing it for so long.

hey today's huang cheng performance was not bad. i like all the mingming small skits, especially the snow white and sleeping beauty one haha. as for jin juan's play, i thought it was rather long-winded, but thumps-up for all the effort put in! (:

michelle just said "HEY IT IS THE HUA THAT BI ME TO DO THIS OKAY!"

songhua exclaimed "lucky wo mei you chi ni de leh!"

yuani questioned "what is the thing u gonna do if you have a lot of dong nan xi bei?"

hey speaking of dong nan xi bei...exactly WHAT is dong nan xi bei in it north south east west? because was really puzzled by that during the CSP test haha.

since i am bored, let me share a little story here (:...

once upon a time, there was a boy who farts alot in class. he farts non-stop and polluted the whole class with his unbearable farting smell. therefore, his teacher came up with an ingenious method of solving this problem. she asked the boy to stuff a cock into his butt.

days after the boy did that, the classroom no longer stinks.

then on one fine day, the boy was walking to school in the morning as usual. suddenly, he felt his stomach getting painful and need to go to the toilet to clear his bowels. at the same moment, a traffic police who was directing traffic conditions whistle opposite also had stomachache. both of them rushed to the same toilet and used cubicles that are adjacent to each other. the boy took out the cock and place it on the ceiling divider while the traffic police place his whistle at the same place.

as the boy was late for school and the policeman already heard the cars honking, both grab "something" from the ceiling divider and rushed off.

the traffic police unknowingly placed the COCK INTO HIS MOUTH and he was utterly disgusted by the TASTE of IT.

while the boy walked along the road, with constant "musical" whistling sounds coming out from his butt.

end of story.

okie yuani is actually HUMMING SOME TUNE now!

michelle looks kind of serious, if looks could kill...

aikling exclaimed "self-touched thank you!"

my eyelids are getting to sleep.
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Saturday, March 11, 2006



warmest welcome to the four new-comers to the coolest class of 06s65! (:

Bao Jun, Zhang Min, Ziye and Siheng!

let's do the "S65'S WELCOME CEREMONY IN MINISTER-STYLE" one day for them, how about it? :P

Miscellanous Pictures to commemorate LAST DAY of TERM 1 2006!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

full-sized pictures available on photobucket. just click on the "pictures!" link under "linkway" (:

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Underwater world!!!

Coaching of Underwater world song for the dumbies!! Got a piano?? Try and play the great song!!

Juz play according to the keyboard! here it is:

E-D-C-A, E-D-C-G, E-D-C-A-G, E-D-C-A-G, E-D-C, E-D-C-A, C-C-B-D, D-C-D-E-E, D-C-C, E-D-C-A-G, E-D-C-A-G, E-D-C-C


1. When i say underwater world you say rox! UNDERWATER WORLD!
2. ROX!
1. When i say underwater world you say like hell! UNDERWATER WORLD!
1. When i say underwater world you say rox and when i say underwater world you say rocks , UNDERWATER WORLD!
2. ROX!
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NJC times, 11 Mar 2006

NJC PHYSICS: The world is all abt forces!

Newton sat in an orchard, and an apple, plumbing down on his head, started a train of thought which opened the heavens to us. Had it been in Malaysia or Singapore, our fantastic durian trees would have saved him the trouble of much thinking thereafter, perphaps, opening the heavens to him, and not to us.

Hwa Chong Physics lecture is so boring!! God, NJC physics lecturer rox man, i simply love that guy! And NJC Physics notes is interesting too! Here is what is found in the notes:

Cold science ---> You can listen to thunder after lightning and tell how close you came to getting hit. If you don't hear it, you got hit... so nvm...
Cold science ---> When people run around in circles we say that they are crazy, but when planets do it, we say they are orbiting.
Cold science ---> To most people, a solution is the answer to a problem. But to a chemist, it is when everything gets all mixed up...
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Friday, March 10, 2006

0h 6ix aSs 6ix 5ive!

Animated Pics of Yuanni and Yichun. I was bored...
liuX scribbled on the class blog at 9:10 PM!

blogging in fish tank (oh yea whatever!)

hihi i am yichun GUEST BLOGGING under jiang chuan's account...

hey dont u all think that it is SO COOL to have a jiang chuan junior college (JCJC) WAH IT ROCKS!

JC:" wah lao. who else can come up with such an idea man. -disclaimer- -.-"



JC: "i so regret letting yichun use this account. passes mike to others"

Shao here saying hi!


side note: piano key doesn't work


okay byeeeeee!!!!!

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

NJC times, 09 Mar 2006

Official set-up of NJC TIMES!!

I guess you all also expected something like this rite?? YES! the News paper is BBBAAACCCKKK!!! With a whole new style and erm... yes of course... JC...

Hmm, let me start off with a short intro of NJC. After much surveying, well, my conclusion is that NJC is a fortress! God, the gate is guarded with hooks at least 0.5m long! All areas fenced up too.. man i can't run out of the school... The best is the walls. Look so harmless and climbable from the inside. BUT, when you finally reach the top, you will groan! The barbed wires are on the outside!! Jump for all you want man, cause you are going to land into some drain or on the road... I bet SAF is going to hole up in NJC if war breaks out!

Anyway, haha, i bet the hwa chong pharmily had a sian day rite?? god, morning GP juz put everyone off.. afternoon you guys still have CSP test (Open ended Q: wats the size of China?? Do you think China rox since it is so many times bigger than Singapore?? lol). Well, today our lessons ended at a amazing time of 9.40 a.m!! haha, we don have our class yet so only need to go lectures... which is only in the morning! ha! I reach home by mid-noon!

Oh anyway, do the 2nd intakers noe our class blog?? plz tell me whether they got see our entries. Juz in case i write something wrong sia...Hmmm, thats all for today cause the day is so short for me!! Haha, will be looking forward to Sunday guys! btw, those underwater world creatures and my mistress, i bought a NJC crest for you guys!! Collect them from me k??
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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


HOHO... i am so sorry for the delay kaez... Here are some of the classic photos taken during the s65 gathering last Sunday... Hahaha.... the most funny pictures taken were during the welcoming of our Guest of Honour... JIN KIAT!!!

When 65ians received the news that JIN KIAT is coming to join us for our class outing... everyone became so excited that they started to form a human aisle by the gate... (Notice that we are all barefooted and the floor is like soooo HOT.... )

And let us put our hands together to welcome our guest of honour... JIN KIAT..........!!!!!

Oh my.. anti climax...!!! LOL... GUEST OF HONOUR FELL DOWN (someone secretly extended his/her leg to trip him?)

Next, presenting to you S65's latest scandal caught on camera...!!

When Yida wasn't looking...
Song Hua and Jupiter were found hugging each other in the middle of the living room... !!!! Oh my god... can't stand their cheeky expressions.

Then Jupiter saw chiobu yeowlin and was immediately attracted to him...
Songhua screamed, "Jupiter.. you can't leave me... you juz said you love me one minute ago...!" HAIZ... typical love triangle...?

In the end... Jupiter left Songhua as he has no more feelings for him... Song hua was devastated...
Look at him..

OH MAN, it's NOT the end...! It's not as simple as a love triangle.... it's a love TRAPEZIUM!!!
After a few hours... Jupiter was found behaving intimately with Aik Ling...

"Jup... how can you do this to me??!?!?!"

Haha... lastly... let's end off with something from Yi Chun... He is desperately making an attempt to impersonate those typical horror movie posters... which looked ... er..... looked........ **er hem**.....

like he has a brain tumour.

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0h 6ix aSs 6ix 5ive!

Analysing given data...
Data analysis complete.
Predicting 99.563% chance of eventual domination of female 65ians over male counterparts in 65 phamely.
Max error: -/+ 0.001%

Searching for possible remedies
Search complete.
Results: 0
Conclusion: All is frutile. Resign to your fate. ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO THEM!!! MUHAHAHAHA
External programme detected....system failout...power lo....

To all males: We are not screwed, screwed is sitting across the room, as far away from us as possible, looking at us with pity, holding a sign that reads "GLAD I'M NOT YOU."
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What the hell!I never lor!

Eh Yida. dun make me look like a blardy loser hu can't take it. NJC is fun lor. like 4-8 05(1/3 of 4-8 is in njc) gathering liddat. Yesterday so sad because you din come to pei mi. so of coz i damn sad. bet you would too if your were alone in the og grp with no one you noe. summore got daoed.. lost my godmother's handphone strap and stuff liddat. And it's not as if keep saying njc very suck or what. Did you hear me complain about enrichment week throughout the thing?? With you and zhitao nearby and the ex class mates, i get the familiar cat high feel lah. so i'll be okay for now. Aniway i dun wanna go back hci. wun be in s65 cuz it's full aniway. Cross fingers and hope next class is full of really cool people .. hu aren't like yida. Yida should stop exaggerating that supposedly " sian" face i got. i din look sian when i chatted with some old frens. neither was i sian when i went around the school. i practically yelled "ARCHERY!" when i heard abt the enrichment week.(addicted to it in genting)

Some times you juz make me feel so out of place every where i wish you'd stop impressing pessimism on every outlet you can find. i din dao you. i spoke and said "hi!".i smiled when og 9 got together and got acqauinted with the ogl (sumone skiped orientation 2 ,day2)

Btw.. it's true njc cannot compare with hci in facilities. so basically everyone would agree. you're not that nice yourself. going "gabriel sux!" here and there. and you make it sound like i am despo to get back into hci. i'm not.(reason highlighted in red) it's not wrong to miss s65.

For people who think i am sick and demented. i'm over it. wiped my palate and bought new paint. this time "red and white".

NJC all the way! lolx
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News from NJC!!!

Ok, before i start, i want to clarify something. Don feel guilty by gabu's post or his attitude... we are fine in NJC and WILL be fine... Gabu is juz being damn dumb. Go orientation sulking and keep emphasizing the fact why he is in NJC... going wtf at every single thing and f*** at watever we do. Say "dumb" at every single activity. Going why like that... complain this complain that.... Let me tell you gabu, wat you want?? Keep appealing lah!! Appeal until you go for your A'levels k? Asshole... I am seriously getting pissed off!! You thought I every day see your sulky face i very happy is it?? Fuck lor, you thought only you get kicked is it?? Whine whine whine... The whole world only you ah??

Anyway... lets get on with wat actually happen in NJC! I am sure you all interested eh? Today we sign up for our enrichment week! ok.. let me intro wats enrichment week. It is basically a week where there are no lessons then you get to join all kinds of interesting course or talks: e.g course on fencing, archery, henna etc. Wee, today is a mad rush, as there are limited vacant seats... we all chiong to wat we want. aiya, end up we only got archery and the rest are all shitty courses and talks... Sounds cool rite?? Yea, NJC is fine sia... not like wat someone say -_-. Don listen to that pok...

Ok.. to those who have the NJC crest, must wear k!! haha, all underwater world members are entitled to a free NJC crest! the rest erm... unless you are my wives or best frens... And sorri ah, i cant create anything funny on my entries liao cause i don noe wat happen in sch!! Now my post damn bo liao one... hope you guys don mind...

Fear not guys, like today, i will be chatting to you all via sms juz like you all are by my side! see you all on sunday!! Sms me the plans k?
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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Hihi.... i decided not to post on the nite of huang cheng performance after all. Hands trembling to project some form of imprint here. Wonder why? Since i never planned to stay anyway. I already had a plan. a plan to go national junior college. hwa chong was too " cheena" and "mug" for me.
....Or so i thought.

Well. i got my plan riiight on track. it still is. only now.. that plan i drew up wasn't right at all. 06s65.. hahz... you all drew mi a new map. one i couldn't follow. one that got snatched away. one that led me back on my plain, boring path. Amazing what a minuscule fraction of your lifespan can do to you eh?

i stare at hci's clocktower today. And i wonder, Why such an eyesore blocking the view from njc's canteen? Hatred.. despair..everything. For people who posted things like "s65 forever", great, you managed to fake abit. i faked a bit too. the mask din last long. it melted and revealed a "sianed" face. no matter how you fake it, you are cheating yourself of your true feelings.
How many times have i begged people for an appeal? I even begged people until they buckled under me. I begged today even for a chance to stay in hci, just for s65. begged more times than i have had in my life. Slapped in the face by fate. over and over and over. I can't take it. Thow face to everyone.
That ain't the worse. The worst is that i come back for more.. and it hurts even harder. i'm selling pride for a place in hci... and i feel it's worth it.

People tell me to kan4 kai1. but how to do that when flashes of all of you people pop up in my head when i glimpse the red roofs of hci from njc's canteen.All the smiling faces blocking my view of everything... i can't pretend i'm happy. neither will i sae that i'm okay. i'm NOT. an intangible piece of me was left at the class bench. and i'll never claim it.

It's ALL your FAULT s65. ALL OF YOU... should DAMNED RITE feel GUILTY for... me a brief glimpse of life that was better than my 10 yrs in catholic high( you all only had 2months)
2.Making me feel like i am finally PART of something.
3.making me feel like school is something to look forward to
4.making me curse you all for being so close to my heart
5.making mi dao every single njc student i have come across
6.being behind me(of coz this doen't apply when we are running 2.4km)
7.making mi cry under my covers this very day.

I don't deserve half of it. thanks.... (T-T)
i will continue holding my hand over the scar where i lost a piece of spirit to ya'll.


I'll feel safer that way...

Edit: now i have posted this i dun't feel better. i feel worse when i know it is useless. pain...
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Monday, March 06, 2006

hello 65. i just wna say i luv you guys no matter what! =D

guess what this is the 101th post!

and whatever obstacles come into your way, dun fret! just jump over them, that's what our legs are for! =D we'll always remain 65!
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The s65 Spirit!

Hey guys..
i guess most of us are feeling down, perhaps confuse or lost...
at this point of time..i guess it's been an unforgettable journey for all of us.
as much as we are all upset about posting n stuff..look on the brightside..
we're all now from strangers to friends.
remember.. a class is just an area where u'll likely find a group of ppl around together..
it's not the class or the school..but the bonds forged.
Things will inevitably be different..and we are aware of more changes as the 2nd intakes get into their classes.., there will be times we miss..
but look ahead guys..

this sunday's performance..hope to see all of us there. some have thought about having dinner before that tgt....or if u guys want..supper...night activities..etc. since monday is a holiday.
flood the blog with opinions..
make this a very vey nice s65 outing. There'll be more ahead..whatever is in place will always include the share of all 26 of us.

If we look at this all in a different's just how we are to keep our friendship going on.

Huang Cheng Performance
Date: 12 March 2006 (sun)
Time 7.30 pm
Venue: victoria concert hall
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Heya s65 people! How have you all been?

Anyway, i really tried my best to send in the best appeal... but mr pang told me they could only accept 20 plus people, so i din get in cos i don't have a "proper" CCA and a good L1R5....

Needless to say, the people I will miss most when I leave HC will be the 65ians... Many friendships were forged here and all those memories I hold dear...

I remember vividly our very first class item "DONG TIAN YI BA HUO"! LOL... we actually get the best artemis item by pure tyconess..! Kao! The lighters and the sticker pasting idea is so hilarious ... And the times we stayed till late hours to paint our class banners...

I relish the times spent at our class bench... where all the action takes place: gossiping sessions, angel and mortal letter writing and most importantly... mass copying of h/w! I miss the break times we had in the canteen when we will gather as a class and start talking... and not forgeting the lunches we had at coronation plaza, curry wok and thai noodle restaurant... and the times at michelle's house... where we'll have loads of fun.. (wah! the choco fountain rocks la!)

These two months have been really meaningful and FUN... it has been a blessing for me to be in S65 for the these few months.. where the people are realli very pleasant and most importantly, enthu... ! Though I have only known some of them for a few months... it seems that I have known them for years... OI! FOR THOSE WHO KNOW ABOUT MY SECRETS! Must remember to keep them well horh.. even though i am gone.

Don't worry about the reshuffling of classes kae? I believe that the school will try their best to keep the class with as little changes as possible. If things really go wrong, go approach Mr Pang... he's really a nice person and I think he will help..

Thanks for tolerating my lameness and crappyness.. (I know it's annoying at times... ) I will really miss you people... but i will still be coming back to hwachong in the late afternoon for huang cheng... so will still come back and haunt you all one... (Don't forget about us when the new people come in horhz!!!?!)

Yea, I really cherish those moments we spent together.. I will hold dear in my heart these fond memories! HAHA... S65 KE BA BA!!!! =p(oH Yah... rmb to come watch huang cheng performance kae...)
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06s65 forever

Ok, so we are just being put through many obstacles and tough times now.. but we will NOT crumble and fall! we must stay united. even though we're not physically together, our hearts will all be together as the 06s65 of HC's first 3 months!! all these are just tests for us.. and we must overcome them.

remember.. once a 65'er, ALWAYS a 65'er..

with all this crap happening due to the blind hc board and messed up system, i don't even dare hope that no one will change class now.. but it DOES NOT MATTER. because we will be 06S65 forever!!!!!!!

xiaoling scribbled on the class blog at 9:15 PM!

something seems to be missing today...

mingming: "HEY S65! HURRY UP LATE ALREADY QUICK QUICK QUICK!" (speaks in her sore-throat-ish voice) pretends to be hurrying when we were already late!

and where is that packet of RICOLA PEARLS (blackcurrent flavour most of the time) to be passed down during lectures?

jinkiat questioned with his really-deep growl.

gabriel with his really contagious laughter.

"hey can give me abit of your water?"
songhua with his water-rationing programme for me. ends up i took almost three quarter of his bottle which is seriously not ABIT.

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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Memoirs of a gay-sha: days in 06S65

Really great being in this class. Appeal results are out on mon, so if you tuesday nv see us then GG... May us be frens forever... We may not be at each other's side, but memories of the class will stay by me forever...

Eng Aik: Wen Lai xiong!
Song Hua(Song bo): Band major... ji zai. A guy that worth my respect. He is one that is full of leadership capabilities... bright future anyway he goes..
Shao Ming: erm... soccer girl that says MA-TH
Yuani(Medusa): There are no stars in a team... stars only come out at night...Big eye girl that thinks eye power is everything... angry also stare, happy also stare, sad also stare... -_-
Jin Kiat: Horny is all i have to say...
Jun Jie: Mega slacker that bia bak to "your truely asia" everyday... reach home at 8, play com. till 12 then sleep. wakes up at 4 and take 170 to sch...
Dorea: Eeeekkk, i am fat!!! Lol. Girl that likes to gossip.. fit her big mouth.... ooppsss...
Aik ling: Super hero aik ling!!(Total defence ke ba ba!) Violent.. sweet..cute... all in one...
Grace: Glued to yu jun... love to fantasize boy band at com lab with yu jun... (If Grace ever speaks to you, you got to hand up econs man...)
Shao hsien: Track star! Driven by a hidden determined will...
Jiang Chuan(Clam): Cheerful, happy... and friendly..
Joel (My mistress): Ant-eater... sings high pitch.. wat else can i say man...
Jupiter (My wife): abit the lame... abit... haha, a jolly and friendly guy... (i will be keeping the metal bear with me all along pal...)
Yeow Lin: Best koper of sweets... once he caught a scent of sweet, there goes your tube of candy man..
Jia Fang: I noe nutz abt her... standard comments from teachers if they don noe their students... "she is quiet and reserved" :)
Liu Xin: Imagine seeing a grassland stretching as far as your eyes can see... imagine seeing a cow eating grass there... happy and carefree.. then suddenly BANG! thats your beef... No one is a virgin, everyone gets screwed by life...
Ming Ming: there is a party where there are four races, chinese, indians. malays, erm...(oppss i forgot!) . anyway, why only the chinese people are dancing??.. because chinese high -_- A lame but cheerful person... keep smiling ok?? your normal face looks like you have failed every single exams you take...
Michelle (EVIL queen): I luv maggi mee. whole bungalow full of noodles.. god.. can you find a girl more mad abt noodles??
Yichun: the way i move it, the way i shake it, i have never seen a ass like that... Cute little tian cai midget... "Are you pissed?" "are you strict?"... WTF...
Yu jun: Glued to grace... and love to fantasize abt boybands with grace! For god sake apply conditioner to your hair!! So dry! lol
Gabriel(Gabu): insolence, attitude fat piece of shit... thats my best fren man...
Jin Juan: Most Interesting character i have ever seen. slut?? bitch?? or juz a normal girl??
Xiaoling (Jellyfish): love spamming jellyfish... and in my case tadpoles.. wah lao.. pass down notes the time, i was wondering where is mine when one came with a mega big"TADPOLE" on it... -_- And on request: xiaoling wants to add saying she is the greatest person alive... god, so bu yao lian..
Yong Kang: me:"pls hand it csp file rong kang...", rong kang:" Fuck off!"
Hui Qing: I am not a mugger!! I am a cup!! Lamest girl i ever met... talk to her i will juz get cut off cause words fail me completely... Me: " god i sux at physics", huiqing:"really? where's the straw?"

天下无不散之筵席... We may be a road and drain apart.. or may be miles apart.. but we are frens forever!
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Waah, so many pics. Wait until I leave already then take right? Think I very ugly issit? So must kick me out of the picture right? Better watch out D=<

Gathering was fun. Hope it's not the last though =) Looking forward to the next one, WITH those who are posted out. Even if you guys are not in HC anymore, all of you still welcome, k? 65 always as one =)

Good luck again for the appeals! Can't give you guys enough of this =P
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Permission To Blog?

hey everyone!

can u guys believe this? this is the 95th post in this blog in just two months! this goes to show how enthusiatic s65 is and s65 rocks!

anyway had a really really really fun and memorable day at michelle's place today.

EVERYONE FROM S65 CAME OK except for jinjuan who needs to clean her toilet bowl and eng aik who has some pharmily matters.

even jinkiat came and we gave him an OFFICIAL MINISTER-STYLE WELCOME CEREMONY (minus the orchid flowers). pictures with ming ming though ;)

never in my life had i attended a class gathering or outing with such fabulous attendence.

i was the first male to arrive at michelle's place while the rest were swimming (playing pool at bukit timah plaza).

Image hosting by Photobucket

was feeling bored so i decided to take out my camera to take some pics of the girls who were watching CSI then...seems like yujun, jiangchuan and michelle were more interested in smelling the pillow then taking pictures.

michelle's family prepared sooooo much food for us...there were shepherd's pie, paste, baked rice, chicken wings...and alot more. we ate till we were so bloated and gained alot alot alot of calories. pe department is sure gonna kill us. THANKS MICHELLE! (:

played mahjong, watch movies...basically just chilling out with S65 people and enjoying ourselves. time seems to pass very quickly and we took a group photo before some of them left...

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

after that we had the whole chocolate fondue to ourselves! (:

and aikling seems to enjoy it ALOT.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

after that is camera time! (:

Image hosting by Photobucket

movie poster for the movie entitled "THE REAL ADVENTURES OF TWO CT REPS"

F4 sitting down...

Image hosting by Photobucket

F4 standing up...

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

i numbered myself wrongly...should be no. 1 OPPS!

humpty dumpty sat on the wall...

Image hosting by Photobucket

and DID NOT have a great fall!

MORE humpty dumpties...

Image hosting by Photobucket

GORGEOUS pic! (:

Image hosting by Photobucket

ATTENTION: S65's very own Destiny Childs!

Image hosting by Photobucket

okay then we tried to take the heads-forming-a-circle-picture and had to ask michelle's aunt to help us take these pictures.

spent a freaking 15 minutes taking it over and over again to ensure that it is nice but non seem to turn out REALLY nice..haha like some gigantic mega project.

should we look at the lights on the ceiling?...

Image hosting by Photobucket

look at the camera?...

Image hosting by Photobucket

or look at the camera and take the picture from another angle?...

Image hosting by Photobucket

PS: notice my head is like unusually red. because all the blood was suspiciously gushing towards my head when i tried to tilt to look at the camera...really stupid. LOL.

Image hosting by Photobucket

last picture taken before leaving michelle's place! (:

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