Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cheers to the new 06s65 blog life!

Oh man, our blog has been dead for so loooooOooog. haha. can we revive it? i'll start the ball rolling k? :D

hmm...life has been boring for me. hehe... drag myself out of bed, eat, work n work n work, eat, watch tv, go online, sleep... it has been like that for almost 5 months le, including december. boring arh? haha. but it makes me yearn for outings on weekends more. yea.. one of which was the sentosa-turned-vivo outing. haha. hope there'll be another outing before uni starts and more pple will turn up. [:

talking about uni, i got the offer for nus electical eng and ntu EEE. what about u guys? keep updating everyone. ns life, working life, slacking life, ur plans, whatever~haha.

btw, i've been to the new treetop walk which stretches from kent ridge park to mount faber to telok blangah hill i think. it's quite interesting and there is this garden hub, Hortpark. that place is pretty, it's bright and green. i find that place awesome, esp for relaxing the mind. yup. thought u all might want to check it out when u r free.
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