Friday, August 18, 2006

dong gua barley and yong tau foo


i am pleased and honoured to announce that 06s65 loves


basically i am aware that an increasing number of people are eating that and drinking that. LOL i was just commenting about how nice and friendly the yong tau foo auntie was and jupiter says that she looks peadophilic and has a spastic smile. okay that is GOOD SERVICE in my opinion :P. nevertheless her famous "she me tang?" quote was widely used in our class that we says "she me tang" whenever we refer to that stall instead of her real name. it is like calling all instant noodles "maggie mee" when "maggi" is just a brand. oh the importance of branding and advertising (i advertised hc canteen's yong tau foo to my classmates LOL).

gosh. on wednesday i estimated that we bought about 20 cups of 50 cents dong gua barley from the hot drinks stall. that is 20X$0.50=$10 additional profit to the shop uncle via the sales of BARLEY and DONGGUA alone. it must be earning superduperultrauber profit. how much can dong gua and barley cost???

anyway we were happily eating the yong tau foo from "she me tang" at the canteen bench that is approximately 50 metres from the "she me tang" stall. the "she me tang" auntie's voice is super powerful. we were slurping the noodles up and constantly enjoying the "she me tang" noodles rap from that stall. yeah it is that loud.

that auntie could have set a record in theguiness book of world records for saying the most number of times of "she me tang" in a day and that stall should probably come up with a customer loyalty card soon. i tihnk i am their most loyal customer. i eat that EVERYDAY WITHDAY FAIL.

she me tang?
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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

National Day Celebrations

Hello! Today was national day celebrations, and artemis won the best storyline, best costumes and overall best musical! OH MAN congratulations to everyone esp the fac com and actors and other helpers who spent so much time and effort on it! haha =D The musical was very funny and entertaining with yichun as the lead actor, lol.

Then after celebrations some of us went to island creamery to buy icecream!! and then the rest went to michelle's house first. Woah we got 10 tubs of ice cream, plus one mud pie. heheh yummy k! Everyone was like attacking the mud pie. Its really so yummy! To think i thought its 1.20 per piece so dumb lah!

We first consumed 3 tubs of ice cream, then left 7 tubs still! Plus there was pizza, totalling 8 boxes. Everyone eat until peng! Food surplus... Yichun has pictures of us eating ice cream and the pizza boxes. Stack until very high lor!

Then we watched I Not Stupid 2 with michelle's surround system tv room woohoo. i wanted to watch it for v long time already, finally get to watch yay! =D then people kept asking 'are you supposed to cry here?' when its the sad part! so anti climax lor want to cry also cannot cry! hahaha, but i almost did cuz its really quite sad! >_>

While most people left some of us stayed on and watched another show called Inside Man or something like that. Its about this robbery and it looked quite interesting at first but actually it was so boring i fell asleep watching it! And the ending is very weird...

Anyways happy birthday Singapore! =D
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Monday, August 07, 2006

Some random post

AIYOH, let's update the class blog! =D

Regarding the island creamery vouchers, we are going to use them tml after the national day celebration.. going michelle's house (sorry to bother you again michelle) cos 25 of us can't possibly squeeze into island creamery! 10 tubs of ice cream... HERE WE COME! MWAHAHA... (the evil laughter)

Shall post some of our class lame jokes here...

What is the scariest plant in the world...?


Which cartoon character is the most sickly?

pika CHUuuu! (sneeze)

Okay, i know it's not funny... Few people have the same weird frequency...

National Day Holiday coming... 3 days! woo! Study hard and play very very hard! =D
(See, i told you it's a random post)
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