Tuesday, November 28, 2006

save this blog!

MadTV - Miss Swan The Vampire Slayer

HAHA decided to post this very funny miss swan episode onto the class blog in an attempt to save this rather dead blog haha.

enjoy! i think it is super hilarious...dorea thinks so too. anyway i am so into miss swan nowadays LOL. if you like this episode you can search "miss swan" in youtube to get all the episodes.

nice way to cure the holiday boredom yeah? haha

oh yeah on a totally irrelevant point dai lao shi called me on my handphone at about 11pm and i was super scared that i forgot to hand in some crappy form again and need to rush down to school just to hand it in. turns out that she just wanted to tell me that i got into ntu h3 and luckily to my ultimate relief i have handed in the form already. lol.

okay enough rantings. enjoy the rest of the holidays! they are precious ;)
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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

More Photos =D

One word to describe 65 chalet...


We had steamboat for the first night...

**Acts blur

And choco fondue for desert!!!!

With cold sliced bananas, strawberries, kiwi, papayas(?) and marshmallows!

Barbeque for the second night =D

Gambling!! (Yeowlin and Michelle are smiling to themselves, must be on a winning streak?)

Thanks to Mr and Mrs Ong who came for our class bbq!

** Don't you think that Mr Ong looks like cai2 shen2 ye3 in this photo

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

rojak entry!

Artemis Fac Outing yesterday was kind of a little too short don't you agree? anyway a beautiful picture of all 65-ians present at the outing taken thanks to that choir photo journalist (but i don't know his name sorry). he is really professional and the picture looks really clear and the colours are brillant!

rongkang was really sporting and funny as usual when we nominated him to represent our class for fac king and mingming got songjun's temperature rising! haha

last week we had our class chalet and it was quite a blast thanks to people who helped to book the chalet and prepare and clean the food. we had steamboat, bbq and even a chocolate fondue!

it was really nice of mr ong to take the trouble to visit us during the bbq at the chalet!

more pictures including those in the collage in bigger sizes so that you can view them in greater detail HERE.

engaik, shaoming, songhua, shao hsien, zhang min and ziye can you all send me a personal photograph of yourself please to my email? i need them to fill up the ugly red-crossed boxes at the top of the blog! thanks :)

lastly, more updates from the class please in this class blog! don't let it rot. you can blog anything under the sun! like you had diarrhoea, updates on your holiday plans etc. haha

by the way, THIS looks kind of exciting. anyone interested? we can probably decide on a date and go there for lots of fun!
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Sunday, November 05, 2006


Hello everyone, here are some important and not-so-important information regarding PW.

First, the message Dr Ross gave us last last thurs:

- the InR needs to be updated with a reference to the OP (what insights and reflections came from the OP process?)
- the word limit is 500 words
- normal requirements for presentation must be followed (eg double spaced)
- they should do a careful proofreading of their work
- a signed cover page must be attatched to the final draft
- it must be handed in the day after the OP performance. one person can submit for the whole group

- groups should continue practicing and learning their speeches
- the goal is fluent and wamr communication with the audience
- i wish all groups all the best on OP day!

And then, an email from him:

"As for the GPF. We, the STs, have the files and will be filing away your work for you. All we need from you is your I&R, to be handed in the day after your OP - because you need the chance to write something about the OP in the document eg something you learned about oral presentation.

The GP will contain only your PI, your EOM, your I&R and a copy of the group project proposal, all of which I should have. No other material is required. Mrs Tan will confirm all of this for you on the day of the OP. One group member could bring in all the I&Rs for their group. No need for everyone to come in, as long as the cover page is attached and filled out.

Hope your OP goes well! "

Any more questions, go email him or sms him or call him k! =D wahahahaha. Hope this helped you guys with any questions you all had regarding pw! heh.

-Dr Ross Spokesperson.
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Saturday, November 04, 2006


more things tt we need..
for the sake of convenience..

those who have aluminium trays n disposal containers and are able to bring pls tag on the board too..
we'll be needing them to put out BBQ food..
save on resources ! get better food :P

also...looking for..
drink dispenser..
ice box

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Friday, November 03, 2006

Class Chalet Updates.......FOOD....& MORE!

hey guys!
here are some stuff about the class chalet. We'll be getting some stuff while we do hope that everyone can chip in abit n help out too!

K...here it goes..

NEW* pls look at all the things needed in RED n help out!thx:)


Chicken Wing
Chinese Sausages
Sting ray
Bee Hoon

Sweet Potato Looking for someone to prepare n bring!!

Chicken (Breast Meat)
Button Mushroom (huiqing)
Golden Mushroom
Bai Cai

Fried Bee Hoon (JunJie)
Soup Base

(if you can just pop by any shop and buy some on your way to the chalet would be great! the more the merrier! (:)
Instant Noodles
Snacks ( Not too much..pls remember there's still OP)! (jiang Chuan)

(pls volunteer to buy a few pkts along the way..but do tag still so we all have a rough idea n won't over buy)
Syrup ( Jiang Chuan)

Steam Boat ( Ming2 )
Ladels ( Ming2 / Yichun )

BBQ sauce
Chilli Sauce
Tomato Sauce
Salt and Pepper
Sambal Chilli

Aluminium Foil (Dorea)

Wire Gauze
Lime ( For Sting Ray )
Tongs (Dorea)
Plastic Fork (XL)
Plastic Spoon (XL)
Disposable plates (XL)

plastic cups
satay sticks
trash bag

serviettes (XL)

Need more people to bring the plastic fork spoon and plates and CUPS!!! because i reckon we would need quite a lot.

Also, for games

Mahjong ( Michelle)
Pokercards (XiaoLing)
playstation (jup)
basketball (yeowlin)
Blades if you want
Swimsuit if you want( there's a pool there)

Also, do u all want common shampoo, body foam n toothpaste?

Right! So that was a long long list
pls note the following
1. Tag on our tagboard if you can bring any of those stuff needed
2. Post any comments, if you want any other food or you are strongly against any of the lsited.
3. Please bring $8 to pay for GP notes and stuff
4. Meet at tanah merah mrt station control at 3pm on monday
5. Those tt intend to claim money pls remember to keep your receipts!

Bring VCDs (not sure if we can play DVD)...n Playstation Games


hope it would be a really fun chalet and everyone please bring something!!!! HAHA (:

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Class Chalet!

Hey guys!
Jsut for your info..
details on our chalet and transportation methods can be found at teh following website
See you there...more info abt our class chalet should be up soon..after Chiense OA levels :P
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